Impressionist Painting: 8-Week Online Course


4 April – 23 May (or 6 April – 25 May) 2024

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You can choose to do this course on Thursday evenings or Saturday mornings.

Option 1: Thursdays 7 – 9pm (UTC+1) starting 4th April 2024
Option 2: Saturdays 10am – 12 noon (UTC+1) starting 6th April 2024

Medium: Oil or Acrylic and / or Pastel
Format: Live Streaming Zoom Class & Video Recording
Level: All levels

All online classes are recorded, so you can replay and watch at any time from one week to the next!*

Impressionism has captured people’s imagination since its first exhibition in Paris in 1874, and artists have long sought to understand how the Impressionists created their paintings and how their techniques might be replicated.

This 8-week course reveals the answers to these questions by assessing the techniques and styles of eight masters of Impressionism and showing how their methods can be used and adapted by artists today.

You will be shown how the Impressionist movement came about, explore its historical context, and define the styles and inspirations of the artists involved. We will then look at the main techniques including:

  • Alla Prima
  • Pointillism
  • Impasto
  • Two-dimensional brushwork
  • Use of slabs of colour
  • Palette knife application
  • Impressionist use of colour

The paints, brushes and other materials and equipment they used will also be described, as well as modern-day materials and equivalents.

The heart of the course, however, focuses on eight of the major Impressionist painters – Monet, Renoir, Degas, Cézanne, Pissarro, Morisot, Cassatt and Caillebotte – revealing how they worked and deconstructing many of their well-known paintings. In each case, you will be shown how to recreate these Impressionist masterworks with step-by-step demonstrations and study guides.

This course combines a fascinating insight into the working methods of the Impressionists with practical guidelines to enable contemporary artists to achieve their own Impressionist paintings.

* Each class recording will be available for 7 days from the date of that class.

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