My music performances all date back to 1996 – 2006.

As an older beginner in music, I always felt that a career in performance was not viable. Not only did I lack a necessary level of ‘comfort’ technically, but perhaps more importantly, my confidence in piano playing was in short supply, and it would take many more years before both of these issues were remedied to some extent.

My music studies began with classical guitar and during those early years when I studied guitar, I had many performances including my début recital at The Large Room, Waterford, in 1997 (which also transpired to be my finale with that instrument)!

My piano performances include piano accompaniment and some short solo recitals, as well as performances at festivals, competitions and masterclasses, in Ireland, United Kingdom, France, Italy and Czech Republic.


Today, I enjoy playing for pleasure and making home recordings. These recordings form part of my private practice and learning as opposed to pristine and definitive interpretations.


Prelude No. 4 in D major, Op. 23

Recorded on 6 June 2018.

Prelude No.4 in D major (Andante cantabile) was composed by Sergei Rachmaninov in 1903, forming part of the 10 Preludes, Op.23.


Prelude No. 5 in G minor, Op. 23

Recorded on 6 June 2018.

Prelude No.5 in G minor (Alla marcia) was composed by Sergei Rachmaninov in 1901, and was later included in the set of 10 Preludes, Op.23. Rachmaninov premiered the piece himself in Moscow on 10 February 1903.

Emil Gilels played this prelude at the Russian front in World War II to boost the morale and patriotic feeling of the Soviet forces fighting in the war. “Gilels is playing at the front to remind us what the war is worth fighting for: immortal music!”

Chopin Nocturne in D flat major, Op. 27 No. 2

Recorded on 14 January 2015.

Composed as part of a set of Two Nocturnes, Op. 27 in 1836, and published the following year, they have been described as “ballades in miniature” and “two of the most powerful – and famous – nocturnes [Chopin] has ever penned”