Adrian Cooke

I am a fine artist, classical musician, and educator, with a passion for all things classical.

On my website, you will find many courses, workshops, tutorials and ebooks that reveal the secrets behind great art of the past and present. All of the content is thoroughly researched and reflects the current standard being taught in fine art and music academies around the world. These disciplines are lifelong pursuits, and my own learning is ongoing.

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Adrian Cooke

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Here’s a glance at the different ways you can study with me, including a quick view of my weekly class schedule.

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Copying Vermeer

I spent last summer in the Netherlands, studying and deepening my understanding of Dutch 17th-century painting, and in particular, the work of Johannes Vermeer. My studies took me from the Mauritshuis in The Hague to the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam, stopping in Delft – Vermeer’s hometown – along the way.

Master Copy of Vermeer’s Girl with a Pearl Earring (2021)

Master Copy Painting Course & Workshop

With an even better understanding and appreciation of Vermeer’s working methods, this May, I’m running a 3-day intensive studio workshop focusing on the work of this most beloved painter.

The Copying Vermeer Workshop takes place in Cork City from the 12th – 14th of May 2023.This is a master copy painting workshop, where you will reproduce one of Vermeer’s masterworks as faithfully as possible albeit using modern paint pigments, mediums and canvases.

Follow the links below to book and find out more about either the workshop or read more about my studies of 17th-century Dutch painting in the Netherlands.

3-Day Studio Workshop My Dutch Painting Experience

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Check out my full range of e-books covering a wide range of topics in drawing and painting, complete with detailed explanations and exercises.

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