Summer Workshops

Discover two of Ireland’s most magnificent houses and gardens, and learn the methods of impressionistic alla prima landscape painting en plein air (in the open air) this July!

County Waterford’s Stately Houses & Gardens

This summer, I am hosting two plein air (or outdoor) landscape painting workshops at the the most magnificent stately houses and gardens in County Waterford: Mount Congreve Gardens and Tourin House & Gardens.

This is a unique opportunity to learn the methods of impressionistic alla prima landscape painting, as pioneered by artists of the 19th century. These estates provide a splendid and tranquil setting for these landscape painting workshops, ensuring no shortage of outdoor subject matter for our paintings.

The focus of these workshops will be on creating vivid and accurate painterly sketches, painted directly from the motif. Students will learn the secrets and benefits of working sight-size and learn methods and principles behind colour mixing, to ensure the colours stay true to the subject. These workshops are open to artists of all painting mediums – oil, acrylic or watercolour – but please note that some experience in your chosen medium is required.

Find out more about these celebrated estates by visiting their websites below.

Mount Congreve Gardens Tourin House & Gardens

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