Introduction to Charles Bargue’s Drawing Course


33 Pages
Medium: Pencil / Charcoal

This 33-page e-book introduces you to Charles Bargue’s famous 19th-century French drawing course (or ‘Cours de dessin’), and contains step-by-step instructions on how to complete the drawings as well as exercises in general drawing skills and techniques that you will need.

Bargue’s Drawing Course still remains one of the most influential drawing courses in art education. Designed to instruct art students in the methods, techniques and 19th-century conventions for drawing, it was typically used to gain admittance into an art school or to raise the skill of an artist privately.

This course is geared to studying accuracy, line and form, starting with with silhouettes and gradually moving towards more difficult drawings. Cours de dessin teaches you how to slow down and take your time, working methodically on these are exercises. One of the advantages of the Bargue plates is that all of the solutions are already there, as opposed to cast drawing, which is three-dimensional and which you would have to light yourself in a way that clarifies the forms.

A complete materials and equipment list is provided in the opening section of this e-book. You can either buy or download a free version of the Ackerman edition of the original book. Please see the “Ackerman Edition” tab below for details.