Anders Zorn: Palette & Painting Method


31 Pages
Medium: Oil Paint

This 31-page e-book examines the palette and painting methods of Anders Zorn, the so-called ‘Swedish Impressionist.’ You will also learn many essential painting techniques and general principles.

Zorn was known mostly for his nude female figures and portraits, painted with virtuoso brushwork and luminous colours, and this subject matter is discussed and demonstrated in the book. Zorn is renowned for his use of a limited palette of colours. The ‘Zorn Palette’ is taught in many of the top art schools to help students learn about colour theory and mixing.

A step-by-step guide to copying three of Zorn’s paintings is given, as well as many colour and palette exercises:

  1. Emma Zorn, Reading
  2. Archipelago Flower
  3. Woman Getting Dressed

By copying these paintings, you will gain a deep insight into Zorn’s painting style and technique. You can then apply what you’ve learned to your own work.

A complete materials and equipment list is provided in the opening section of this e-book. You can download digital images of the paintings in the “Print Paintings” tab below.