Portrait Drawing Facial Features: 6-Week Studio Course


6-Week Studio Course
8 November – 13 December 2023

Time: Wednesdays, 10 am – 12 noon
Medium: Pencil
Level: All Levels

In this course, you will begin to gain competency in portrait drawing and consider more nuanced aspects of portraiture. You will be shown how to draw the key features of the face and head in greater detail. Topics include:

  • Facial Features: Detailed drawings of the facial features, hair characteristics, and small forms like wrinkles and minor variations between ethnicities.
  • Structure & Anatomy: A deeper investigation of the skull, facial muscles and fatty tissue which all determine the surface form of the portrait.
  • Drawing Media: Use of different types and tones of paper and drawing media (graphite, carbon, charcoal and chalk)
  • Style & Expression: Capturing the expressive qualities of our human subject including character, mood and atmosphere.

All stages and aspects of the portrait drawing will be demonstrated in real-time in class each week. The course includes many exercises that will benefit not just your portrait drawing but indeed any subject that you draw. You can submit your work throughout the week for ongoing critique and feedback.

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