Drawing Basics


Dates & Times:
– Mondays, 10am – 12pm, starting 20 March 2023
– Fridays, 10am – 12pm, starting 24 March 2023
Format: Online / Zoom Course
Medium: Pencil & Charcoal

This 5-week online course examines foundational drawing skills and techniques, and aims to deepen your understanding and application of them. We will also look at some of the most important principles concerning the nature and behaviour of light, and depth perception.

The course covers four key topics: (1) design, (2) line, (3) value, and (4) form, and then (5) integrates all of these elements. Each week, a new drawing concept and its associated techniques are introduced in an easy-to-follow progression. You will also explore the works of the Old Masters, and the methods and techniques that they pioneered.

Our live weekly online class allows for group discussion, questions and answers, live demonstrations, feedback on practical assignments, and much more. This course is designed for complete beginners, and is also extremely valuable for any artist who is interested in mastering the basics, upon which everything else is built.