Direct Painting Method: 8-Week Online Course


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24 January – 13 March 2024

Time: Wednesdays 7 – 9pm (UTC+1)
Medium: Oil or Acrylic Paint
Level: All levels

All online classes are recorded, so you can replay and watch at any time from one week to the next!*

The direct painting method is defined by the artist’s painting response in real-time to a live subject. The focus is on capturing size and shape, light and colour, with accuracy and immediacy, and the aim is to complete the painting in one application of wet-into-wet paint in a single working session.

This highly interactive form of representational painting is about real experience and it is a way of seeing rather than a technique per se. This approach requires a great deal of skill and an understanding of how to control and manipulate paint in the moment.

Learning how to see, planning the steps required, mastering technical skills, and practising how to execute all of this quickly are essential for success when employing the direct painting method. This course will cover all of this as well as:

  • Different approaches to starting a painting
  • Drawing and edges
  • Colour and light
  • Composition
  • Technique, including brushwork, painting wet-into-wet, and stylistic effects

* Each class recording will be available for 7 days from the date of that class.

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