Copying Vermeer Online


Dates & Times:
– Mondays, 2pm – 4pm, starting 30 January 2023
– Thursdays, 7pm – 9pm, starting 2 February 2023
Online / Zoom Course
Medium: Oil Painting

Johannes Vermeer (1632-75) is considered by many to be one of the greatest painters who ever lived. I was lucky enough to spend last summer studying Vermeer’s work in great detail in the Netherlands. You can read more about this experience on my blog here.

In this 5-week online course, aimed at intermediate to advanced oil painters, we will examine in detail Vermeer’s materials, methods and techniques, by reproducing one of his master paintings. You will be given a choice of six paintings and you will choose just one of these for the master copy painting main exercise. Copying master paintings not only gives you an insight into the working methods and techniques of the master artist, but it is also one of the best ways to improve your own painting skills, and until the 20th century, this was the standard by which artists learned how to paint.

This course will include many demonstrations, guiding you in detail through the painting process, interaction and discussion about the oil painting method and techniques, and practical exercises which will be individually appraised.