Classical Drawing


Dates & Times:
– Tuesdays, 7pm-9pm, starting 31 January 2023
– Wednesdays, 2pm-4pm, starting 1 February 2023
Format: Online / Zoom Course
Medium: Pencil & Charcoal

Classical drawing is a formal or academic approach to drawing that helps you to see and draw your subject more easily and with greater understanding, transferring that image onto paper through a series of simple, logical and sequential steps. The principles that underpin this method were derived from the art, sculpture and architecture of antiquity (hence the term ‘classical’) by the Old Masters of the Renaissance, and have been used by artists ever since, transcending style and period.

This 5-week course provides a comprehensive and practical study of drawing methods, techniques, media, and materials. The course is designed to develop your visual awareness by unpacking the building blocks of picture-making in general, and by showing you the perceptual principles that underpin our ability to see, interpret, and record the visual world around us.

Each week, new drawing concepts and techniques will be introduced in a logical and stepwise progression, and applied to different subject matter – still life, portrait, figure, or landscape, working primarily with pencil and charcoal.

You will also explore the works of the Old Masters, learning their methods and techniques, the common problems they encountered and the practical solutions they discovered.

Our live weekly online class allows for group discussion, questions and answers, live demonstrations, feedback on practical assignments, and much more.