Alla Prima Painting: 6-Week Studio Course


6-Week Studio Course
CAHIR ARTS Cahir, Co. Tipperary

7 November – 12 December 2023
Tuesdays 7pm – 9pm

Medium: Oil Paint
Level: All levels

The alla prima painting method is a direct and immediate approach that involves completing the painting in one session. This method has almost become the standard by which modern and contemporary artists paint. Alla prima (or ‘at the first’) also describes a technique that favours spontaneity and a looseness that gives a painting, or an area of a painting, a flamboyant and expressive look.

In this short course, you will learn how to capture gesture, light and colour quickly, distilling the essence of any scene down to its fundamental parts and then representing them with speed. Brushwork plays a vital role in this type of painting, and you will be shown how to promote rhythm, interest and style through with a variety of brushstroke techniques. You will also learn many painting skills and techniques and how to avoid many common painting pitfalls.

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